2012-03 Stockholm Landmark #1
2011-03 Trans Atlantic
2010-10 World champ Gustafsson
2010-10 Brahehus
2008-12 Swim Diving
2008-07 Vodlozero
2008-02 CK Valhall
2007-11 Tommi Ritala's Training
2007-09 Modern Forestry
2007-08 Åland Archipelago
2008-00 Eskimo Panic Roll
2007-07 Swedish Sprint Nationals
2007-04 Fredrik Wangler
2007-04 Anna Karlsson
2007-02 Mystique
2007-Q1 Lake Mälaren
2006-09 Visit from Prague
2005-06 Drifting in Europe
2005-02 Dirty Olde Faucet
2004-08 Kangia, Greenland
2004-07 Frescati
2004-03 Gummer Cruise
2004-03 Leaving Raleigh
2004-01 New Year in Riga
2003-Q4 Lübeck
2003-11 Norwegian Sea
2003-08 Estonia
2003-07 Essingen, Stockholm
2003-06 Kontula, Finland
2003-05 -- 06 Interrail
2002-12 Föglö
2002-10 Raleigh, NC
2002-07 Åboland Archipelago
2002-06 Sankt Erik
2001-11 Estonia
2001-11 Örjan's 40-mile race
2001 Sture
1995-08 Murmansk (35 mm film)

Photography by Björn Olin

Welcome to Björn Olin's online photo exhibit. Throughout my life I have been interested in design, painting and colors. Thanks to the revolution of digital photography and the computerized post processing, photography has become such an appealing and hassle-free way to satisfy my visual creativity needs.

At present I am providing editorial photography to magazines and stock photography for advertising.

Enjoy the timeline archives starting from when I got my first digital camera to present.

Best Regards,

Björn Olin


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